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Maintain employee records, transaction trail and career growth along the tenure with the company.
Manage employee records, history,
trail, and growth.
Employee Data
is an Asset.
The world's most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. In your organization, it starts with your people's data. The basic information system needed by any company is the employee record management, which we put together all the essentials in the Personnel module.


Staff Data is Vital
Staff data is a prerequisite to many beautiful initiatives that you may want to do for your organization.


Human Resource
Personnel Manager
Set Rules & Definitions.
Able to set rules globally, whether to a specific position, bands, grades, division, project, or even to a particular person.
Manage Staff Data.
Set entitlement to restrict the amount limit of claims, the allowance per distance unit for mileage claim and other claims type.
Customized Fields.
Provide a checklist to remind the claimer on a list of submission items, including receipt and other required proofs.
Empower Data Change.
Able to devise the approvers for the approval process so that system can send the application to the respective person accordingly.
See Reports.
The company can define various types of permitted expense claims and cash advance with a set of rules for each claim type.
Global Dashboard.
The accountable person can see the Dashboard on Expense Claims, and Cash Advance summarized for the whole company.
Sales Executive
Access to Self Service.
Employee Self Service is an access page for all employees. Purposely to enable communication, data access, information management, sharing reports, and many more for the employees to participate in.
Access to Self Service.
Staff can change data via Employee Self Service
Change Data.
Staff can change data via Employee Self Service
Communicate with Others
Staff can change data via Employee Self Service
Line Manager
Business Manager
Approve or Reject.
Application that require approval will be notified via email. Subsequently, the clicked link will route approver to the application details.
Return Application.
Should there is any descrepancy found, the approving line manager can return the application to the owner for amendment.
Receive Quick Request.
Line Manager will receive a quick notification requesting permission to buy something advanced by the staff.



It's more than just a staff data.
Avoid Potential Crises.
The purpose of ensuring smooth Claims and Cash Advance process is to avoid potential crises between employees and employers concerning cash.
Staff has Other Priorities Too.
Employees might have their financial priorities and spending on behalf of the company, undoubtedly not one. Unless they are partners.
Flexibility to Decide
It's good to empower some critical positions of the things they can spend upfront. Of course, with a specific limit to avoid misconduct and loss.
Be Extra Cautious
Ask Cubixi to notify you should there is any violation of rules like late claims submission, cash advance that unreported within stipulated time, or spending spike
Study Pattern.
Claims Manager able to study the frequency of staff claiming on the same things or traveling to the same destination over-frequently.
Weigh the Claims.
Recognize the areas that people have been claiming quite heavily. So you can obtain a permanent purchase rather than paying the same stuff over and over again.
Cubixi Claims System tackles four important business components to ensure a holistic expenditure and reimbursement environment between employee and employer.
Search and maintain employee biodata as well as enabling some fields to be edited by the employee himself.
  • Employee Particulars
  • Next of Kin
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Health Profile
  • Whereabouts
Define who is your target respondents, prepare your welcoming notes and blast out your invitation.
  • Prepare welcoming note
  • Author appreciation note
  • Import respondents list
  • Test your survey
  • Blast out your invitation
Monitor the progress of your survey participation through participation report. See how many have yet to respond.
  • Respondent receives email
  • Respondent clicks the link
  • Respondent fill the survey
  • Respondent submit
  • Participation count increase
While the survey is actively conducted, you can see a realtime report on participation.
  • Participation Status Report
  • One Dimensional Result
  • Two Dimensional Result
  • Descriptive Result
  • 360 Assessment Report

How it works?
You can access to more records trail for your employees when you extend your subscription to other applications.
Add claim details gradually.
View leave application trends, leave balance and leave trail of an employee.
Access training history as well as other related development program that have been obtained by an employee.
Social Involvement.
Evaluate the involvement of a particular employee in extra curricular activities including clubs, company events and social responsibility.
Assets Possession.
Trace the record trail of company's assets which were assigned to a particular employee or vice versa.
Requisition History.
Keep all requisitions made by a particular employees in requesting for assets, leave or any approval required items.
Identify the strength and room for improvement of an employee by looking at the competencies required for the job as well as evaluation result.
Watch the indicator of achiement being assigned to an employee, that will result to either appraisal or performance achievement.
Project Involvement.
See all the projects that an employee has took part, the role taken, key responsibilities and project achievement.


Untitled Document
best practice - a position must exist before hiring a person
process of hiring a new person, should a position is vacant
for the reimbursement of claims consolidated in the payslip
keep the leave history of a person, since he started joining
request advance and claims for activities related to project
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Human Resource