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Business Productivity Solutions

A comprehensive software solution for business performance and profitability.
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A Comprehensive Business Ecosystem
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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) serves as a software distribution platform that cuts down a significant number of management processes in terms of procuring a conventional turn-key system. It also reduces the amount of time and risk in implementing such a solution.

In the traditional way of software development, you may face the risk of failure to promptly deliver project management costs, and workforce turnover amidst the experience of management expertise, practitioners, business consultants as well as employees experience that mutually joint-forces to develop the end product. With the input subject matter experts, we believe Cubixi can fulfill the necessity of efficient yet stable and up-to-date technology.

The Ecosystem

We are system users too. We want a system that eases the hassle, shorten the process, simple and easy to use.


Bundled with Mobile Apps.

All modules are made available on mobile apps - made available on both Android and iPhone environment.
Comprehensive Modules.
There is a wide range of useful applications for organizations readily integrated or work indepently.
Self Customizable.
Applications on cloud requires a fully customized environment because every organisation is unique.
Minimalist yet Nice.
Executives need a simple system but must be soothing to the eyes too. A monotonous experience will ruin mood.
Active Communication.
One of the significant features to have it on mobile apps is the push notification so we be notified in realtime.
Easy and Effortless.
We have to furnish you a super-easy solutions to ensure a rapid learning curve. So you can start rightaway.
Access Globally.
Our clients are everywhere, around the clock, around the globe. Making sure global accessibility is crucial.
Our infrastructure are robust and scalable to serve you anywhere, anytime. Just ensure a good Internet connection.
Inspired by Practioner.
Cubixi is inspired from our circle of management practitioners that have more than 30 years in multinationals.
Performance Oriented
Our aim is to help corporate clients the hit the bottom line through effective strategy and active execution.
Kiosk Ready
Making a kiosk is simply to slot a tablet into your custom panel. We made our apps kiosk ready for you.
Quality Decision Making
We put a high concern on meaningful statistical analysis because it is a key to a sound decision making.
We've been crafting variety of business solutions that able to solve business difficulties.
Human Resource
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