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Managing complaint of a real or imagined cause towards providing a fair treatment to all.
Internal politics can bring down the Organisation.
The world's most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. In your organization, it starts with your people data. Basic information system needed by any company is the employee record management, which we put together all the essentials in the Personnel module.
Search and maintain employee biodata as well as enabling some fields to be edited by the employee himself.
Keep documents pertaining to employee qualification, certifications and professional membership.
Next of Kin.
Let employee to update information of their next of kin for the purpose of emergency contacts, claims, tax and more.
Curriculum Vitae.
Maintain employee disciplinary records, integrated with performance management module.
Analysis & Reports.
Access, share or print variety of analytical reports pertaining to employee related progress and data.
Know employee whereabout according to their events involvement, face-to-face meeting with clients or leave.
Maintain employee disciplinary records, integrated with performance management module.
See a complete profile of the specific job hold by a particular employee.
See the trail of every employee starting from reporting duty to his/her resignation from the company.


Enriching Records Trail of Your Employees.
You can access to more records trail for your employees when you extend your subscription to other applications.
View leave application trends, leave balance and leave trail of an employee.
Access training history as well as other related development program that have been obtained by an employee.
See employee's health profile, medical check up report, health insurance and history. Also to set up reminder for check up.
Assets Possession.
Trace the record trail of company's assets which were assigned to a particular employee or vice versa.
Social Involvement.
Evaluate the involvement of a particular employee in extra curricular activities including clubs, company events and social responsibility.
Requisition History.
Keep all requisitions made by a particular employees in requesting for assets, leave or any approval required items.
Identify the strength and room for improvement of an employee by looking at the competencies required for the job as well as evaluation result.
Watch the indicator of achiement being assigned to an employee, that will result to either appraisal or performance achievement.
Project Involvement.
See all the projects that an employee has took part, the role taken, key responsibilities and project achievement.


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Work hours is specified in the employees' position specification
Cross check between leave application and attendance in realtime
Flag up lateness and notify the manager in charge
We've been crafting variety of business solutions that able to solve business difficulties.
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