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Proactive measures to detect early and intervene on employees behaviour
Getting Employees
Back on Track
Adding some well-researched facts or statistics to any of your business execution strategy is a recipe for triumph. Along with accurate statistics will help you to defend your point. Sufficient sampling, right target, quality questions and great participation will justify your findings, help you support your claims and establish you as trustworthy.

Progressive Discipline
Cubixi Survey helps you throughout your implementation. These are the key steps toward collecting your facts.
Create a survey from scratch, duplicate from an existing survey or import from our template.
  • Set up survey
  • Manage filing & categorization
  • Categorize survey
  • Develop questionaires
  • Set answering options
Define who is your target respondents, prepare your welcoming notes and blast out your invitation.
  • Prepare welcoming note
  • Author appreciation note
  • Import respondents list
  • Test your survey
  • Blast out your invitation
Monitor the progress of your survey participation through participation report. See how many have yet to respond.
  • Respondent receives email
  • Respondent clicks the link
  • Respondent fill the survey
  • Respondent submit
  • Participation count increase
Follow Up
While the survey is actively conducted, you can see a realtime report on participation.
  • Participation Status Report
  • One Dimensional Result
  • Two Dimensional Result
  • Descriptive Result
  • 360 Assessment Report
Key Features
Among the significant key features are:
Survey Templates.
Standard survey widely used by organizations are made available so you can simply import and publish it.
Beautiful Theme.
Make your survey looked interesting where you can choose from our wide selection of themes.
Time-based Examination.
Turn your survey to a Time-based Exam where it can be opened and closed within a limited time.
Change to Written Survey.
Whether it is an exam or normal survey, you can simply print and pass to the respondents in manual paper.
Conditional Branching.
Arrangement of branch question can sometimes complicated and tricky. Setting it has been made easy.
Extract into Spreadsheet.
Data is yours. You can download the results in spreadsheet format anytime even while the survey is still conducted.
Mobile Friendly Output.
Most respondents might participate via their mobile phone. Therefore, the output must be well-responsived for mobile platform.
360° Assessment Ready
If you have set up the reporting structure in Position, you can use the same structure to invite the respective assessors.
Extract into Spreadsheet.
Data is yours. You can download the results in spreadsheet format anytime even while the survey is still conducted.




Untitled Document
Prepare the essential needs for the new staff to perform job
Blast to respondents based on structure for 360 type of assessment
Training Needs Analysis can be conducted using Survey
Another useful tools for you to gather facts and data
We've been crafting variety of business solutions that able to solve business difficulties.
Human Resource